Do you have all of your entitlements?

We have a strong qualified pension team on hand, for all young and old diggers, as well as any veterans serving or not serving. The team will investigate all entitlements available to you as well as assist you to complete the paperwork that is necessary to be submitted to gain those entitlements.

As well as this, they are here to assist you with medical appointments and follow your claim through to the end result. If it is necessary to engage an advocate for the purpose of a review of the decision, this service is provided by our head office in Granville.

The Vietnam Veterans', Peacekeepers’ & Peacemakers’ Association of Australia, Central Coast Sub-Branch Inc., is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation; therefore, there are no charges, fees or commissions for our services. Our pension team is trained and fully qualified in TIP (Training Information Program) to assist in the following areas:

  • MCRA Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act
  • SRCA Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act up to 2004
  • VEA Veterans’ Entitlement Act

The team can also assist with:
  • Pension increases
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • War Widows Pension
  • Carers’ Payment
  • United Kingdom Pension
  • New Zealand Pensions
  • Advise to USA on Entitlements
  • Advice in change of discharge status

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