The NAMBUS is a former Sydney city bus donated to our Association by the New South Wales Government so we can travel to schools throughout the State giving presentations to Year 10 students on Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. The bus contains a large number of photographs, artifacts and many items of memorabilia giving the students a sound understanding of the Australian servicemen and women’s involvement in the Vietnam War for their modern history studies.

The vehicle is owned and operated by the Vietnam Veterans’, Peacekeepers’ & Peacemakers’ Association of Australia Central Coasty Sub-Branch Inc.

The NAMBUS visits schools and colleges, on invitation, throughout New South Wales. NAMBUS is manned by Vietnam Veterans who make the bus available for viewing. Some of the Veterans also give lectures to the students in their classrooms covering many aspects of the war and their experiences.

The bus measures 13m x 2.4m and, when booking it for community events, requires enough room to be driven in and out of a display area.

We also have two x 2.4m.sq. gazebos which can be used for shelter should the need arise. These are usually placed at the front or rear of the bus.

The bus requires normal 240-volt power, either 10 or 15 amps. We provide our own power cables which are inspected yearly and certified safe.

The NAMBUS carries practice M60 link ammunition, a used 66mm M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon, a 105 mm Howitzer Artillery practice round and several artillery and naval cartridges. All these have either been used or made safe. In any case all these items have been shown and handled by students over the past 10 or more years and are all innocuous.

The bus is fully insured against Public Liability and all crew members are cleared under the NSW Working with Children program.

What is on the NAMBUS

  • Flags of the following Allied nations which took part in the war including the U.S.A., Phillipines, Thailand, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea and South Vietnam
  • Service uniforms, medals and decorations
  • Conscription and enlistment papers distributed by the Labour and National Service
  • Photographs of troops in action
  • Photographs showing Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), tanks and 105mm field guns
  • Photographs of the enormous tunnel systems dug by the Viet Cong to conceal their presence
  • Samples of the Vietnamese currency
  • Samples of ammunition used by the three Australian services
  • Photographs of naval ships, and aircraft used by America and Australia
  • Agent Orange display
  • Newspaper cuttings
  • A book containing the names of 500 Australian servicemen who were killed in the war in South Vietnam
  • Display by members of the Central Coast Sub-Branch of the VVPPAA who made a return visit to South Vietnam
  • Video showing the conscription process, troops in action and The Battle Of Long Tan
  • Photos of several of the NAMBUS crew members taken during their service in Vietnam

The aims of the NAMBUS project

  • To educate school pupils on a subject of which there is little printed matter available, a topic that is in the curriculum of Modern History. The Vietnam War and Australia’s involvement. The history preceding, during and the aftermath of that chapter of Australian military conflict.
  • To provide an ideal form of therapy for the veterans who will voluntarily man the bus. These members will provide the setting up of the bus, and give educational talks and hold discussions with the students. The bus will be at times available for public display.
  • To provide a means whereby the Association can find, contact and help any veteran in the community who are still in need of assistance.
  • To promote and support the ethos of the ex-service and service community in the traditions of the spirit of ANZAC.

Why did the NAMBUS project eventuate?

The Gosford City Sub-Branch of the Vietnam Veterans Federation of Australia pursued the concept of the Nambus, after the original Nambus fell to wear and tear and became mechanically UN road worthy back in 1994/95. Over the next couple of years, letters were written, talks held, phone calls made to whoever might be able to assist in obtaining a suitable vehicle. Nothing happened. The Sub-Branch kept trying. A meeting was held between Mr Jim Lloyd, Federal MP for Robertson and members of the committee of the Gosford City Sub-Branch of VVFA, Pat Bright and Bevin Router put the request for assistance to Mr Jim Lloyd who in turn raised the matter with Hon. Mr Bruce Scott, Minister for Veterans Affairs. Some funding was made available under the Federal Government’s “Their Service-Our Heritage Scheme”. From this a vehicle was purchased, gutted and outfitted by members of the Vietnam Veterans Central Coast Sub-Branch. The business community helped sponsor the project and a lot of work and effort went into creating the Nambus.

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